Listed below is a summary of some of the most commonly asked rules and ordinances regulations in the Borough.

Title Description
PDF Icon Animals
Chapter 2
Conditions for Keeping, Defecation, Noise Disturbances
PDF Icon Buildings
Chapter 4
Building Regulations
PDF Icon Fire Protection
Chapter 7
Fire Prevention and Fire Protection
–  Ordinance 2017-03 – Amending Fire Prevention and Fire Protection
PDF Icon Floodplains
Chapter 8
Rules & Regulations for Construction in Flood-prone Areas
PDF Icon Health & Safety
Chapter 10
Grass and Weeds – Property Maintenance – Maximum Sound Levels – Idling of Motor Vehicles – External Fuel Burning Devices
–  Ordinance 2017-02 – Amending Health and Safety – Noise
–  Ordinance 2019-05 – Amending Health and Safety – Grass Clippings
PDF Icon Licenses & Permits
Chapter 13

Licenses, Permits and General Business Regulations

-Ordinance 2018-02 – Amending Temporary Food Sales
-Ordinance 2019-01 – Amending Temporary Food Sales

PDF Icon Motor Vehicles
Chapter 15
Regulations Relating to Operating and Parking Motorized and Non-Motorized Vehicles
– Ordinance 2018-01 – Amending General Parking Regulations
– Ordinance 2019-04 – Amending General Parking Regulations
Parks and Recreation
Chapter 16
Parks and Recreation
PDF Icon Signs & Billboards
Chapter 19
 Advertising Regulations
PDF Icon Streets & Sidewalks Chapter 21  Public Walking Areas
PDF Icon Subdivision & Land Development
Chapter 22
Land Development and Subdivisions
PDF Icon Trees
Chapter 25
PDF Icon Zoning
Chapter 27
Zoning and Historic District Ordinance
–  Ordinance 2017-01 – Amending Zoning