Municipal Authority of the Borough of Bedford Meeting Schedule
Monthly Meeting: 2nd Monday of each month @ 4pm

All meetings are held at the Bedford Borough Municipal Building

Matthew Bullington
Term Ends 01-2022
Larry Myers
1st Vice Chairman
Term Ends 01-2023
Chris Bullington
2nd Vice Chairman/Treasurer
Term Ends 01-2022
Jeremy Speicher
Term Ends 01-2026
Michael Meehan
Asst. Secretary/Asst. Treasurer
Term Ends 01-2025
James Gonsman
Authority Member
Term Ends 01-2024
Joshua Leibfreid
Authority Member
Term Ends 01-2026
Barbara Diehl
Borough Manager
Beverly Geller
Borough Secretary
Misty Hizer
Asst. Borough Secretary
Dean Crabtree, Esquire
Timothy Cooper, PE