Seasonal Information – FAQs

When does the Borough pick up leaves?

The Public Works department begins collecting leaves throughout the borough in the fall.  A press release will be issued once a specific start date is established. A subsequent press release will be issued upon completiion of collection.

Are there winter parking regulations?

Yes.  When a Winter Weather Emergency has been declared by the Bedford Borough, vehicles are NOT permitted to be parked on streets, along alleyways or in the Fort Bedford Park parking lot.

Who is responsible for clearing off snow covered sidewalks?

Per Chapter 21, §221 of the Bedford Borough Ordinances, the owner, occupant or tenant of every property fronting upon or alongside any sidewalk in the Borough of Bedford is hereby required to remove or cause to be removed from all of the sidewalks in front of or alongside such property, all snow and ice thereon fallen or formed, so as to leave a cleared path the full width of the sidewalk or at least thirty six (36″) inches in width, whichever is less.  Snow and Ice shall be removed from sidewalks within twenty four (24) hours after the cessation of any fall of snow, sleet or freezing rain or the formation of any ice.