The Municipal Authority of the Borough of Bedford advises the public and emergency responders of the following:

Weather permitting, beginning November 11, 2019 and continuing for approximately ten (10) months, the Authority will facilitate installation of the 2019-2020 Water and Sanitary Sewer Improvement Projects. Motorists may experience traffic delays in various areas throughout the Borough during the construction period. Vehicle operators should be alert to altered traffic patterns, construction equipment, and workers during the aforementioned times.

Updates to the construction schedules, areas of current construction and associated maps of the project areas will be posted as they become available. Please be advised that this information is tentative and subject to change due to inclement weather, emergencies that may arise, etc.

Continental Construction, Inc.
Kukurin Contracting, Inc.

Tentative Construction Schedule

Tentative Construction Schedule
Week of April 6 – 10, 2020

Areas Affected:
Fyan Lane
Green Lane
S. Thomas Street – between Barclay and King Streets
Forbes Road
Hammer Street
West Street#
W. John Street#
Mercer Avenue#
Jefferson Avenue

A final restoration crew will begin restoring driveways, sidewalks, curbs, etc. All properties affected will be restored to their original condition, however, this takes time. Please be patient and DO NOT approach workers.

#Water service to select customers will be temporarily suspended so crews can tie into new waterlines. Affected customers will be notified in advance. Please check your door for a tag.  Other customers in the area may experience a fluctuation in pressure and/or discolored water during this time.  This is normal and will resolve itself.

*Expect Temporary Street Closures or Restrictions

We appreciate our customer’s patience and understanding while we work to improve the water and sewer infrastructure.

Map – Water Line Replacement Project
Map – Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project

Customers may be without water service while new service connections are made and will be notified in advance.  Once service is restored, air and/or sediment may be in the lines.  Letting your faucet(s) run for a few minutes to flush out the lines should resolve the issue.

Properties will be restored to their original condition in the spring and summer months.

Comments or concerns can be submitted via email to the Bedford Borough office by completing the form below and emailing to  Written comments/concerns and respective responses will be recorded and tracked.  Verbal comments/concerns will not be accepted.


Updated 2020-04-06